You know when you’re having one of those days when you feel that whatever happens is a message from the universe?

    Well, that’s the subject of today’s podcast.

    Show Notes

    Every now and then, we all get one of ‘those’ days… when everything that can go wrong, does go wrong, and the universe is sending you a message.

    In this short podcast, we take a look at that.


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    Final Thoughts

    So if there is a message from the universe, it’s that allow yourself to take in the literal awesomeness that it offers and use it to make your life positive.

    Further Suggested Reading

    Social psychologist Dacher Keltner has spent his career speaking to different groups of people, from schoolchildren to prisoners to healthcare workers, about the good life. These conversations and his pioneering research into the science of emotion have convinced him that happiness comes down to one thing: finding awe.

    Awe allows us to collaborate with others, open our minds to wonder, and see the deep patterns of life. In his new book, Keltner presents a radical investigation into this elusive emotion.

    Drawing on his own scientific research into how awe transforms our brains and bodies, alongside an examination of awe across history, culture, and within his own life during a period of immense grief, Keltner shows us how cultivating wonder leads us to appreciate what is most humane in our human nature.

    The book includes intensely moving, deeply personal stories of awe from people all over the world-doctors and veterans, environmentalists and poets, indigenous scholars and hospice workers, ministers and midwives.

    At turns radical and profound, Awe is our field guide for how to uncover everyday wonder as a vital force within our lives.

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