To the Podcast version of 22PlusY. The anchor of THE site produced with men in mind, by men.

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To the 22PlusY Homepage, the anchor of THE site with men in mind, written by men.

Why a dedicated site?

The answer is simple, women are very good at sharing… men, generally, are not.

It took me most of my 62 years to realise that we men are not really catered for when it comes to our interests and having somewhere to look for information and ideas.

Yes, there are sites that cater for men’s interests, but they are either for specific areas, such as sports etc., technology, or for the mid-twenties to late thirties group and mostly about male grooming, fashion, etc.

22PlusY aims to be different. We have content about interests, but also about health and wellbeing, as well as relationships etc. Things men want to know about. 

Many men isolate themselves, or their feelings, often for deeply ingrained reasons, and very often for misguided reasons. We rarely admit our weaknesses and most of us carry around some feelings of guilt for just being male.

So, the name: 22PlusY

22PlusY refers to the 23rd chromosome, known as the sex chromosome that distinguishes between males and females. Females have an ‘X’ and males have a ‘Y’., 22PlusY.

There’s a lot of talk about gender in the press these days, and I’m not expressing an opinion one way or another. Suffice it to say we cannot change our chromosomes. they are literally made of our unique DNA. If someone is born with the 23rd chromosome being a ‘Y’ they will always have a ‘Y’ in that position and will always be male.